This is sure to be hard to hear...

Princess Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend, Dave Clark, is now engaged to his current girlfriend of one year, Lynn Anderson. Beatrice and Dave ended their 10-year relationship back in August 2016.

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The announcement comes just 11 months after Beatrice and Dave ended their decade-long romance. He met Lynn just four months after splitting from Beatrice. A source admitted to the Daily Mail that he was ‘smitten’.

Last year, the Duke of York’s eldest daughter and her former beau were said to have come to a mutual decision to end their relationship.

A source revealed that Clark’s failure to propose to Beatrice may have triggered the end of their decade-long romance. Another source close to Beatrice spoke to The Mail on Sunday at the time. They said, ‘After ten years together, Beatrice and Dave had to wonder why they were not married.”

The source continued, “They talked it through and decided to take time apart to reflect on the future. They remain friends and the decision to break up was mutual.

“Beatrice has become a lot more assertive and confident recently. She gave Dave an ultimatum, but it backfired because he did not ask her to marry him. They both agreed that with no marriage in their future, it was time to go separate ways.”

This recent news is bound to be difficult for Beatrice to hear. Given that he’s proposed to his new girlfriend so quickly, will it leave her wondering why they never made it down the aisle?

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Beatrice’s parents Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew were said to be ‘completely shocked’ by the news at the time.

Prince William not a fan of Clark

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Their decision may have actually come as a relief for some members of the Royal Family, including Prince William, who actually introduced the couple.

The Duke of Cambridge wasn’t said to be a fan of Clark’s, finding him ‘indiscreet’. He also refused to invite him to the Royal Wedding in 2011. And this is despite the fact that both formed a friendship while Clark was at Edinburgh University, and William at nearby St Andrews.