Eamonn Holmes and Ruth LangsfordWith Valentine’s Day approaching, we had to find out the love and romance secrets of our favourite on-screen couple, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

‘I don’t really like Valentine’s Day,’ says Ruth. ‘But only because of the commercial side of it. It’s not about money or a dozen red roses. I like cards. I just don’t like going out Valentine’s night, it’s cheesy and awkward.’

Husband Eamonn disagrees. ‘I’m a dreamer and a romantic. I’m always planning things for us to do. Ruth is stubborn, awkward and not romantic! But she gave a speech at my 50th birthday party that I wasn’t at all expecting, and it was so romantic, she burst into tears!’

Still, Ruth and Eamonn famously bicker on This Morning. But what are their worst off-screen arguments about?

‘If Eamonn makes a sandwich it looks like we’ve been burgled,’ laughs Ruth.

‘I leave the clearing up until after,’ explains Eamonn. ‘Then Cruella De Vil comes in shouting at me to put the bread away. Just give me 15 minutes to eat the thing!

‘I think you cannot judge anyone else’s relationship,’ Eamonn continues. ‘Woman’s Own readers might decide we’ve got a marriage made in hell or heaven. Either way it’s not going to be the whole truth!’

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