She was the People’s Princess who almost brought the British monarchy to it’s knees, and the Queen the defiant leader of not only the prestigious royal family, but the whole nation.

The relationship between Princess Diana and the Queen was always closely watched, and rumours were often swirling about trouble in the royal ranks between the two.


Diana was a princess who didn’t like protocol, and would often defy the royal rulebook in favour of what felt right for her and her children. A friend of the Queen’s revealed to the Daily Mail, that the Queen “felt the pretty girl [Diana] was a misfit who didn’t quite contribute to the things they did and what they wanted her to do in the family. There was no real compatibility. Initially she was sympathetic, but later on I don’t think she felt sorry for her, not really.”


Diana’s free spirit, and defiant nature, clashed with the strict parameters set by the royal household, making her appear to be at odds with the rest of the royal family.

However, in the years since Princess Diana’s untimely and tragic death, it appears that the Queen’s rumoured frosty attitude towards Diana has thawed, as she continues to honour the Princess’s memory. The Queen is immensely proud of William and Harry, and although she would never show favouritism towards any of her grandchildren, the bond between the boys and their grandmother is undeniable. “I think I speak for my generation when I say that the example and continuity provided by The Queen is not only very rare among leaders but a great source of pride and reassurance” William says in an introduction to a book on his grandmother’s life.


The Daily Mail reported that the Queen was heard saying ‘Perhaps, after all, we have rather a lot to thank Diana for,’ to a friend over tea at Windsor Castle recently. Suggesting that after a rumoured rocky relationship in the past between the Diana and the Queen, the monarch’s attitude has changed.