A shocking new documentary endorsing outrageous claims about Prince Philip has rocked Buckingham Palace. The Channel 5 show maintains that the new revelations about royal scandal could be true, and the scandalous claims have left the general public shocked. 


The new two-part Channel 5 documentary paints the Duke of Edinburgh as a womaniser and a drinker who was disliked before he got engaged to the Queen. The filmmakers have have apparently secured contributions from former palace staff and royal confidantes for the series, which also sheds light on The Duke’s rumoured affairs.

In a further scandalous claim, the documentary goes on to suggest that the Duke of Edinburgh actually tried to force The Queen Mother to move out of Buckingham Palace by turning off the heating! This was supposedly so he and The Queen could live in the royal London residence without any other members of the royal family.


Although royal scandal of this nature has been rumoured in the past, and there have been claims about Prince Philip’s ‘womanising’ previously, not one of the shocking suggestions about the Duke of Edinburgh have ever been proven and no rumours were ever substantiated.

The news of the controversial two-part Channel 5 documentary and the shocking claims being made are sure to have disgruntled the royal household, and come as unsavoury news for the Queen, as she begins slowing down her busy work schedule in the build up to her 90th birthday this year.