Here's why we love the royal family...


They’re dedicated to helping charities


Whether it’s Prince Harry’s support of Sentebale, a charity to help orphans in Lesotho, South Africa or continuing his mother’s work supporting people suffering from HIV and AIDS in the UK and overseas, or the Duchess of Cambridge helping out and taking an interest in child mentoring programmes, the royal family’s contribution to charities all over the UK is amazing. Between them they support over 3,000 charities in total!  Prince Charles raises more than £100 million each year for his charities and one study even estimated that the Queen helped bring in £1.4 billion for charity in just one year! Whether that stat is accurate or not, it is undeniable that the royal family’s support of different causes is invaluable to those charities.


They care about the world and the environment


The conservation of wildlife has always been a cause close to Prince William and Prince Harry’s hearts, and as they’ve got older they have used their positions of responsibility and their global fame to help publicise the need for greater protection of the world’s wildlife. Prince William has made passionate speeches about the need to protect the world’s wildlife for future generations, and both Princes have travelled extensively to learn about and help with conservation efforts.

“At the root of the illegal wildlife trade, for example, is the demand for products that require the deaths of tens of thousands of these animals every year, pushing them further towards extinction. We must work together to prevent this catastrophe and allow our children the opportunity to experience wildlife in its many beautiful and varied forms.”

– Prince William


They don’t let formalities or protocol get in the way


Whether it’s the Queen’s love of animals, William and Kate’s love of children, or Prince Harry’s inability to not pull silly faces and get involved with the kids, the royals aren’t afraid to break formalities and connect with the public on a personal and human level. the-queen-and-dog

They make good role models


While A-list celebrities seem to be becoming more and more outrageous with their X-rated music videos, racy photo-shoots, and barley-there red carpet outfits, the royal family go about their public lives with grace and charm. Princess Diana inspired people around the world with her compassion and kindness towards others, Prince William and Prince Harry showed courage and determination when they joined the army; with Prince William leading daily rescues of the general public and Prince Harry bravely fighting abroad on the front line – twice. If that’s not enough, the Queen has served our country for 63 years – and if that’s not a good example of commitment and dedication, we don’t know what is!



They are compassionate


Who didn’t feel a little tearful seeing Prince Harry get choked up (See the pics HERE!) after receiving the dog tag of a fallen soldier from an emotional royal marine? Or did you know that during their tour of North America Prince William and Kate cancelled plans to spend quality time together in the Rocky Mountains in order to visit a community devastated by forest fires instead? The royals frequently go above and beyond the call of duty to help and show support for others.


They’ve got a great sense of humour


They may know how to act at official engagements and how to follow royal protocol, but that doesn’t stop the royals having a good time and enjoying life. Whether it’s brotherly banter between William and Harry, Prince Charles sharing a joke or two with his mum the Queen, or Prince Harry making Kate chuckle, the royal family know that to enjoy life you need to laugh! And who can forget the Queen agreeing to a cameo with James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) for the opening of the London Olympics?!


They are fashion icons

Whilst visiting an exhibition at Lancaster House in London with Prince William in October, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a gothic glam lace purple dress that was meant to celebrate the cultural ties between China and the UK.

Everything The Duchess of Cambridge wears seems to sell out in seconds, just as the clothes Princess Diana used to wear did too. Kate is a style icon in her own right, but her choice to wear clothes by British designers and from UK high street shops is great for promoting our fashion industry and British talent! The Duchess’ endorsement of British designers, especially with her choice of dress at her wedding and on official engagements, is worth millions of pounds to the British fashion industry.


 How can you not love the little royals?


Here at WO HQ we’ve loved watching little Prince George grow from tiny little bundle into a cheeky little boy, and we can’t wait to see the latest pics of Princess Charlotte when she joins her parents on her first official foreign tour in a few years time.