Now in her 90th year, Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling the country since she was 25 years old. That’s 63 years of royal waving, impeccable dressing and, at times, throwing some serious shade. If Liz isn’t impressed, she’s not going to hide it – and that’s exactly why we love her.

While Harry might win the award for cheekiest chap, and Kate for most enviable outfits, when it comes to being a total badass, Queenie wins, hands down…

Here’s why Queen Elizabeth II is the sassiest Queen in history…

She’s a seasoned drinker

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t just enjoy a gin every now and again, apparently she has one ever single day without fail… Before lunch! Liz’s tipple of choice is a gin and Dubonnet, which she enjoys before lunch every day.

When it comes to serious bling, Queen Elizabeth has got it and isn’t afraid to show it


And don’t even get us started on hats! She absolutely dominates.




Liz has always been a bit of a fashion icon…. Check out that stylish stole! The string of pearls, the victory rolls… Perfection.


Liz isn’t afraid to break the rules. Last summer a young family were meandering through Windsor Park when an impatient driver mounted the grass verge and sped past them in a Jaguar X-type. Turns out it was none other than Her Majesty in the driver’s seat, who was running late for church. SASS RATING: OFF THE SCALE


She’s certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty, having worked as a mechanic in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Army during WWII. As a result, Queen Elizabeth is the only monarch in British history properly trained to change a tire. Respect.


If she’s not feeling it, you’re going to know about it.




The Queen is a bit of a joker too. Once Liz pretended to be a local resident during a stay at her summer residence Balmoral Castle. When one of the tourists asked: ‘Do you live around here?’, to a seemingly unsuspicious lady in a long beige coat and glasses, she just thought ‘to heck with it’ and went along with their presumption, saying that she had a house nearby. They then enquired as to whether she had ever met the Queen. Truthfully, she replied: ‘No, but he has’, gesturing to her protection officer. Little do they know…. *chuckles*

Another time, she was visiting nearby town Ballater when a customer commented ‘You look just like the Queen!’ Calm and collected Liz didn’t get flustered, but instead replied with a tongue-in-cheek ‘how very reassuring…’Balmoral_Castle

In 1982 a mentally ill man broke into the Queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace. While others may have panicked, Elizabeth kept her cool until security arrived and even managed to talk the patient round. Fearless.

It would appear Her Majesty has a rather amusing secret talent. Grandsons William and Harry revealed that she’s great at impressions and loves to mimic a certain TV personality… ‘It was two or three Christmases ago, and we were sitting down watching Ali G on TV,’ Harry said. ‘We were laughing when she came in. She couldn’t understand what was going on, so we explained to her what he was doing. Harry and I showed her what to do. She loved it, and after three goes she had it. Later that day, we were all in the dining room, having Christmas lunch, when she tried it out. It was at the end of the meal, and she stood up and said, “Darling, lunch was marvellous – respec” and clicked her fingers.’

She LOVES a booze…

Gin O’Clock happens frequently when Queen Elizabeth is around – it’s her afternoon tipple of choice. But it’s not tonic that she enjoys with her gin, but rather ‘Dubonnet’ – a wine-based aperitif, which she enjoys before lunch most days! Then wine is usually served with lunch.

In the evening she takes a dry Martini, before finishing the day with a flute of Champagne.

Even when facing a major outfit fail, Queen Elizabeth knows how to style it out. During her Coronation at Westminster Abbey, her robes were so heavy that she asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to give her a push ‘to get started’.


She does what she wants, when she wants. And there is NO WAY she’ll let a man tell her what to do. Case in point: When Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was invited to lunch with the Queen in Balmoral, he got the shock of his life when the she gave him a ride around the Estate. Women are not, as of yet, allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, so you can imagine his surprise when Liz nonchalantly took the wheel of the royal Land Rover. Sensing his nervousness, Queenie reportedly took things up a notch and accelerated the Land Rover along the narrow Scottish estate roads, chatting away to the Prince like it was no big deal. Zero tosses given.


And she’s certainly not afraid to take anyone on, even the President of the United States….

Queen Liz… you’re the best.