The world is fascinated with Prince Harry’s private life, but he’s been keeping shtum when it comes to personal matters – until now.

Tonight (Friday 16th) Prince Harry will speak to Lisa LaFlamme, Chief Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV National News. The interview looks set to be a intimate affair, as the pair will be chatting at Harry’s home Kensington Palace itself, which is in itself rather unusual.

Now we all know what we’d ask Harry given half the chance, but whether those questions will actually come up isn’t clear yet. However, we do have some intriguing details about some of the topics up for discussion later…

Given the Prince’s Heads Together campaign with Kate and William, the interview will focus primarily on mental health. The Prince will also be discussing the Invictus Games, which will be held in Toronto this year.

Interviewer Lisa LaFlamme has also divulged a few details about her visit to Kensington Palace, and revealed just how comfortable it was chatting to the royal. ”The conversation with Prince Harry was as comfortable as sitting across from one of my nephews,” she muse. “And the same logic applied — ask very few questions, and you get way more information than you bargained for.” We don’t know that we would be able to be so restrained, Lisa!

Lisa also admitted that despite the royal tendency to be tight-lipped and private, she found Prince Harry is actually a big softie who “wears his heart on his sleeve”.

Hilariously, she also revealed one of the Prince’s secret nicknames. When discussing the interview room, Lisa described “piles of books on the ottoman”.

And, “The title that caught my eye was the same one the Prince’s communications director promptly put away – a picture book about Harry Potter. To his friends, “Potter” is the Prince’s nickname but apparently not something Palace PR would want to distract from our interview.” Don’t be shy Harry – we think it’s adorable!

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Meghan Markle…

So what we really want to know is – will we be getting any more gossip about his relationship with Meghan Markle? Sadly, it seems not.

“We talked about Toronto, a city he now knows well as a regular visitor to see his girlfriend – and no, I didn’t ask about his romantic relationship or whether he’s about to pop the question. As curious as I am, I decided his love life couldn’t eclipse the importance of Invictus.”

Discussing Princess Diana…

And of course, the subject of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, was likely to come up. Lisa revealed that even though she had been told not to discuss it, Harry actually brought up the subject himself.

“I was urged by the Palace PR not to ask about his mother but it was inevitable that this most sensitive subject emerge from Harry himself. He is all about authenticity now and facing up to things in life we don’t ask for but are forced to “manage” – like a war amputation or the loss of a mother as a 12-year-old boy.

“To Harry, these wounds trigger the same emotional eventuality. Ignore the demons and they will haunt you forever. Reveal them and find strength in the support of those around you.”

Lisa also revealed just how welcoming Harry was to guests.

“We headed onto the grounds for the second part of our interview — a couple of picnic tables and a free-wheeling conversation with two wounded soldiers and their families. One soldier is a triple amputee with five children. Yes, five children.

“Prince Harry immediately focused on the kids and even sat right down on the grass so he could look them in the eye. He made them feel special and at home in the place where he is most comfortable.”

We love him even more now…

The interview will air on Friday 16th June on CTV in Canada.