It is hardly surprising that the royals have a lot of fans. But, Prince Harry's reunion with his elderly super fan is worth gushing about!


The weather might have been miserable but nothing can put a downer on Prince Harry’s reunion with his oldest super fan! He’s currently in Australia to promote the Invictus Games, which will be hosted in Sydney, next year.

And the cutest moment of Prince Harry’s Australia tour so far?

It has to be moment that Prince Harry was reunited with his 97-year-old super fan Daphne Dunne. Thankfully the moment was captured on camera for us all to gush over.

Despite the torrential rain the prince was high-spirited and looked surprised – but delighted – to see Daphne again. He crouched down to give the 97-year-old a peck on the cheek and they had a quick embrace.

prince harry's reunion

Prince Harry first met Daphne back in 2015 and it seems they were both very happy to see each other again.

Speaking about her latest encounter with the prince, Daphne said: “He kissed me on the other cheek this time”. She was wearing her late husband, Albert Chowne’s medals. This included Albert’s Victoria Cross which he was awarded posthumously for his actions during the Second World War.

Daphne is a huge fan of the prince and the work he does. She said: “He really is a lovely young man and he’s warm and genuine and really cares about the injured servicemen and women, he’s doing a fantastic job supporting them.”

What are the Invictus Games?

Prince Harry is very passionate about the Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style tournament for injured and sick military personnel and veterans. This year the games will start on 26 September in Toronto Canada, where Prince Harry’s girlfriend Megan Markle currently lives.

Speaking about the games, Prince Harry said: “I promise you the sport you will see in front of you is some of the best, most competitive, uplifting and inspiring sport you will ever, ever see.” The prince has been watching demonstrations of the Games’ sports such as wheelchair rugby and sitting volleyball.

Harry added: “And I can safely say that sitting there and watching these guys and girls compete against each other, people who have fought together and recovered together, to see them serving their country once more on the sporting field. Seeing, literally, lives change through sport is one of the most uplifting and inspiring things that I think you’ll ever see.”