In 2004 Prince Harry visited Lesotho, Africa, in his gap year to volunteer and carry on the work started by his mother Princess Diana. 11 years later, the Prince returned to Lesotho, and had an emotional reunion with a boy who was just four years old when they first met.


While Prince Harry was working at the Mants’ase children’s home in 2004, Prince Harry met little Mutsu Potsane who had been orphaned because of Aids.


The young boy took a shine to Prince Harry and the two were inseparable throughout his visit. Harry spent his time helping Mutsu learn English, playing with him and the other children, and looking after them whilst helping to make improvements to their home.

Although they were sad to be parted when Harry left Africa to return to the UK and attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, it wasn’t long before the two firm friends were reunited.


In April 2006, Harry returned to Lesotho to launch his charity called ‘Sentebale’, which means ‘Forget me not’, to benefit children orphaned by AIDS. Working once again at the Mants’ase children’s home, Prince Harry was delighted to see Mutsu again, and the young boy couldn’t hide his happiness at seeing Harry again too.


Now, 14 years after they first met, Harry returned once again on a week-long tour of Lesotho and South Africa, where he has been reunited with his lifelong friend, Mutsu. Their emotional reunion was captured on camera for the ITV documentary ‘Prince Harry in Africa‘. In the documentary, Harry reveals how his work for the charity, which was started to honour and carry on his mother’s legacy, has changed him.


“You cannot experience what you have experienced…without giving something back” Prince Harry explains in the TV special.

“I am passionate and able to make a difference.”

“For me I have this love of Africa that will never disappear… and I hope that it carries on with my children as well.”

It is this love of Africa and his passion for his charity that led him back to Lesotho, and to his life-long friend, Mutsu.

Prince-Harry-hugs-'Mutso'-2015The documentary showed the friends embracing with joy and they were clearly delighted to see each other again.


The two last saw each other during the Prince’s visit to Lesotho at the end of 2014 (below).


The Prince has stayed in touch with Mutsu all these years by writing letters, one of which can be seen below where the bond between them is clear, “I hope you remember when we were together when planting peach trees and I know you feel happy when I am still writing the letters to you,” Mutsu wrote. “I feel very happily when I dream/ remember about you because you have being with me from my childhood and you have bought me the blue gum boots.”


Prince Harry confessed that when he is in the UK, he is constantly reminded of his mother, the late Princess Diana. Although her memory lives on through Harry’s charity work in Africa, the Prince continues his hard work because he wants to, “make my mother proud.”


He admitted that although he, “never really dealt with what actually happened” when Princess Diana died while he was so young, the pain of losing his mother has actually helped him in the work he champions in Lesotho.

“I felt an overwhelming connection to many of the children I met. We shared a similar feeling of loss. Having a loved one, in my case a parent, snatched away so suddenly. I, like them, knew there would always be a gaping hole that can never be filled.”

– Prince Harry


A supporter of Sentebale, and former friend of Princess Diana’s, singer Elton John agreed that Harry’s late mother would be ‘so proud’ of him.

“If his mother was alive, she’d still be doing the work she set out to be doing,” Elton John said during the documentary. “He’s carrying it on in the best possible way…his mother would be so proud of him.”

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