Prince Harry has now turned 32, and Diana would be so proud of the man her little boy has grown into! We look at the many ways that her youngest child has taken after his mum, and followed in her footsteps…


Bravery and compassion

Princess Diana was fearless and brave – especially for causes she believed in. Harry is just like Diana, shown in his determination to carry on her work creating awareness about the dangerous land mines in Angola.

Recently, Prince Harry attended a reception hosted at Kensington Palace in support of the goal for a world free of landmines by 2025.

The reception held a personal significance for Harry, as 2017 marks the 20th anniversary since the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty was signed – something that his mother Diana, Princess of Wales was closely involved in.

After her death and when he was old enough, Prince Harry decided to continue on his mother’s work raising awareness about land mines and working closely with The Halo Trust. In images reminiscent of his mother’s visits abroad, Prince Harry also visited Angola and Mozambique to see the devastating impact land mines make and the work being done to rectify the situation.


Prince Harry is now committed to finishing what his mother started. Speaking at the reception he said, “We must also acknowledge that there is more which needs to be done to fulfil the commitments of the Ottawa treaty”. Prince Harry also spoke of his mother’s work in raising awareness of the campaign to free the world of landmines.

Prince Harry also shared a special moment with two men who had met his mother when they were just boys.

20 years after first meeting Princess Diana, Malic and Žarko had the pleasure of meeting her son, Prince Harry.


Their desire to help others

Harry inherited his mother’s compassion and desire to help those in need around the world. He carries on his mother’s legacy with the aid work he does globally, especially in Africa.

When Harry returned to Lesotho, Africa, where he launched charity Sentebale in 2006, one of the Prince’s duties was to open the Mamohato Children’s Centre. While there he named a dining room the Diana Princess of Wales Hall in a touching tribute to his mother.

“I knew there would always be a gaping hole that could never be filled,” he said when speaking of Diana’s death during the opening speech.


Their love to laugh


Both Princess Diana and Prince Harry loved to laugh! Diana was always careful never to take life too seriously, and her laughter was infectious. Cheeky Prince Harry is exactly like his mum – and is always making others (and often himself!) chuckle.


Their competitive nature!

Princess Diana may have been a royal, but she threw the rulebook and the regulations out of the window when it came to competition! The fiery Princess was always ‘in it to win’, and she passed on this desire to succeed to Harry.


Their love of the great outdoors

Diana loved the great outdoors. She would escape the restrictions of life at the Palace with sporty activities such as swimming, riding, or skiing. This love of nature, and desire to escape into the great outdoors, is something Harry has inherited from his mum. Harry recently said he felt most at home in the wild, natural surroundings of the African wilderness.


A zest for life

Harry has the same zest and love for life that his mother, Princess Diana had…


A wonderful way with people and the public

Diana always made time to greet people and say hello to those who had waited outside to meet her. Harry isn’t afraid to go up and talk to anyone that is waiting to see him. He’s happy to meet as many people as possible – just like his mum was.




Like mother like son – these two will always share a bond and the same loving, and caring, nature. Princess Diana would be so proud of her son.