Emotions were running high yesterday as Prince Harry welcomed six inspirational ex-servicemen and women to Buckingham Palace, after they had walked a gruelling 1000 miles for charity.

As Patron of the Walk of Britain, Prince Harry was there to welcome the heroes at the end of their amazing achievement, where they walked all the way to Buckingham Palace from Scotland in aid of the charity Walking With The Wounded.


Going above and beyond his official role, Prince Harry, who himself has served on the frontline twice, was overcome with emotion when US helicopter gunner Kirstie Ennis tearfully gave him a dog tag in memory of a friend of hers who was killed in a Taliban blast.

Kirstie, who was injured in Afghanistan and is due to have her left leg amputated, had been placing dog tags throughout the UK during the gruelling walk to honour her fallen colleagues. She explained, “I had the dog tags made to remember 25 marines, 25 brothers that we lost. It was very important to me even if I can still serve in military in the capacity I want, to honour the fallen, honour the guys who made the ultimate sacrifice. A lot of them were very young”


A humbled Prince Harry recognised the importance of this special gift, and as Kirstie Ennis handed him the memento at Buckingham Palace he tearfully embraced her saying, “This means so much to me.”

Ennis later went on to reveal, “Harry was reluctant to accept it at first because he knows how much it means [to me]. He has helped me lay a couple of them and was hesitant to take them as he knows how much it means to me. I told him he had to.”

Kirstie Ennise was joined by Stewart Hill, Matt Fisher, Alec Robotham, Scott Ransley, and Andrew Bement in the The Walk of Britain’s team.