How will this impact her relationship with Prince Harry? Meghan Markle's private life will be exposed in a brand new reality programme from Channel 4...


A new programme from Channel 4 will delve in to the deepest, darkest corners of Meghan Markle’s private life and promises to reveal all…

Although the actress is already globally famous in her own right, thanks to her role in the US legal drama Suits, public interest in the actress has intensified since her relationship with Prince Harry was made public last year.

While she seems to have handled this transition well, Meghan may not be looking forward to the extra attention this programme will bring. And the potential secrets it could uncover…

What is the new show called?

According to The Sun ‘Meet the Markles’ will include candid interviews with friends and relatives of the US actress. It is rumoured to be ready for release later this year.

The show has also reportedly been produced by the team behind the BBC’s popular show Who Do You Think You Are. So the research is sure to be very thorough.

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A source told The Sun, “Meghan is a hot topic right now and everyone is interested in her. Channel 4 are going to go deeper into her past than anyone before. They want to discover new things about her family. It could be dramatic.”

The source added, “Meet the Markles tells the story of some of Meghan’s ancestors and how she and Harry met. The film also considers her possible future role in the royal family.”

Meghan Markle's private life exposed

Meghan has been very active in trying to mange her work commitments so that she can pursue a relationship with Prince Harry. Firstly, she shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. Now, she has reportedly asked to be written out of the hit show Suits. This would pave the way for her to move into Kensington Palace with Prince Harry later this year.

Meghan landed in London earlier this week, presumably to spend time with Harry. The couple haven’t seen each other since Pippa Middleton’s wedding in May.

But will news of this programme rock the boat? The royals are sure to be unsettled by the potential secrets it could uncover.