Unlike his brother Harry, Prince William was never much of a wild child growing up, but they do share a common interest in their love of fast and dangerous motorbikes! The brothers have both owned bikes that travel over 160mph, and embarked on an epic adventure in 2008 when they rode 1,000-miles across South Africa and Lesotho for charity.



Prince William even famously rode around London on his bike the night before his wedding to Kate. However, that could all be about to end if the Duchess of Cambridge gets her way, as she has now revealed, “It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it.”


As well as being concerned for William’s safety out on the roads, Kate is also worried about how William’s passion with rub off on Prince George – as she doesn’t want her son following in his father’s footsteps! “I’m terrified”, Woman magazine revealed Kate confessed, “Hopefully I’m going to keep George off it.”


Kate has an ally in Prince Charles over Prince William motorbike fears, as the Prince’s father also disapproves of his son’s hobby and fears for his safety, “I always worry…It’s other cars not being able to see you” he’s pointed out in the past.