The royal family certainly know how to pick a good match for themselves, and with the Queen and Prince Phillip preparing to celebrate 69 years of marriage this year, it’s clear they know how to hold on to their beloveds too.

From Kate and William keeping the romance alive after five years of marriage and 2 children, to Prince Harry capturing the hearts of eligible young women all over the world; we look at how Britain’s most famous family court their crushes, and try to pick up some top tips on how to woo like a royal!

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’

“If I fancy a girl and she fancies me back… I ask her out.” Prince William, in an interview on his 21st-birthday.

As Prince Phillip wrote to the then Princess Elizabeth in June 1946, you have to be bold and go after what your heart desires! To see Elizabeth in London as often as he wanted to, Prince Phillip would often ‘invite himself’ to the palace. This move might have been a bit cheeky, but it meant the two young friends got to spend lots of quality time together, leaving plenty of room for young love to blossom. Prince William took a similar tact when wooing Kate!

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip - 1947

Be friends first

It is often the case that great relationships are born out of good friendships, with both Prince Phillip and the Queen, and William and Kate, becoming firm friends before any sort of romance began to blossom.

Be supportive

“I had to try to support the Queen as best I could without getting in the way. The difficulty was to find things that might be useful.” – Prince Phillip

Whether it’s Prince Phillip supporting the Queen throughout her long reign, or Prince Harry supporting his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas at the opening night of her West End show, the royals know that to woo a lady you have to be supportive of her profession and passions!


The power of flowers

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if you’re being wooed by a royal, flowers are definitely the way to a girls heart! Like Prince William learnt with Kate, a man should never underestimate the power of a simple gesture like bringing home a bunch of flowers after a long day.


Find things you have in common

Prince Phillip and the Queen both enjoyed long walks up in Scotland, and shoots during the grouse and pheasant seasons, William and Kate bonded at St Andrews over their shared love of sports, like tennis and skiing, and art, and Prince Harry’s suitors tend to equally enjoy his highly social and fun-loving lifestyle.


Have a sense of humour

Both Prince William and Prince Harry are often snapped creasing up with laughter at each other’s jokes, and both boys have used this sense of humour to win the hearts of their crushes!


Always be a gentleman

“Over the years William has really looked after me. He’s treated me very well as the great, loving boyfriend he is” – Kate Middleton, before she became the Duchess of Cambridge

There’s no doubt that Prince William and Harry take after their grandfather, and were also well brought up by their mother, Princess Diana, to become wonderful young men. As adults they always treat women well and with respect. At WO HQ we think more young men could take a leaf out of the royals book and act like proper gentleman!