We give the Netflix show a reality check....


The nation was hooked by the new Netflix series ‘The Crown’!

thecrownAs the affairs, arguments and near-death experiences of the Royals played out though, we had to ask… how truthful is the drama?

Screenwriter Peter Morgan of Netflix’s The Crown said that he decided against having Prince Philip commit adultery in Series 2 of The Crown because the series is based on ‘meticulous research’!

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We take a look at five of the biggest storyline fibs from Series 1 to set the record straight…


In the series the Queen and Lord Porchester have feelings for each other. In fact, he’s the man many people want the Queen to marry. The show also hints that she would have been much happier with him, rather than Prince Philip. But is it true?

Queen Elizabeth II and the real Lord Porchester - better known as 'Porchie'

Queen Elizabeth II and the real Lord Porchester – known as ‘Porchie’ Image Credit: Roger Jackson

THE TRUTH: Wrong, wrong, wrong! The Queen always had eyes for the good looking and (apparently) very funny Prince Philip. It was actually just the Queen Mother who wanted Princess Elizabeth to marry a Grenadier Guards officer! Lord Porchester (later the Earl of Carnavon) and the Queen were really just very good friends who shared a love of horses. Where as the Queen and Prince Philip recently celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary – now that’s true love! Read about the times Prince Philip won the Queen’s heart here….


Prince Philip is portrayed in the drama as unhappy and frustrated in the first few years of his wife becoming one of the most powerful people in the world.

Matt Smith plays Prince Philip in the Netflix drama The Crown

Matt Smith plays Prince Philip in the Netflix drama

THE TRUTH: Yes, Prince Philip was a little disheartened during the early stages of his and the Queen’s relationship. But he had his own reasons – and it wasn’t anything to do with the Queen.

Philip was on his way to having a great career in the Navy, but lost it all when King George VI died in 1952. However, he picked himself up and found ways to use his new position. He was always there for his wife, but also worked on projects of his own such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. In reality, Philip was an incredibly supportive husband, with no apparent feelings of resentment towards his wife’s position…


In the show the Queen tricks her sister by appearing to support Princess Margret and Group Captain Peter Townsend’s wishto to marry, but then forbids it at the last minute. Sly!

Vanessa Kirby is super glam in the show as a young Princess Margaret

Vanessa Kirby is super glam in the show as a young Princess Margaret

THE TRUTH: Princess Margaret DID fall in love with Peter Townsend, but it wasn’t the Queen who was against the idea of them getting married. It was Alan Lascelles, the private secretary to George VI. His reasons were that Peter Townsend was a married man with two children and that he was much older than the Princess.


Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were almost killed by an elephant in the Kenyan bush. In The Crown, the Prince has a staring contest with the beast until it turns and heads away – our hero! See some never-seen-before snaps of Prince Philip in his youth here – dashing!


THE TRUTH: As dramatic and romantic as that storyline was, it’s a big fat lie! The couple’s first stop on a 1952 Commonwealth tour in place of George VI was Kenya. (CAN YOU REWORK THIS SENTENCE? IT’S A LITTLE CONFUSING). During the trip they travelled to Sagana Lodge, which was a present wedding present from the Kenyan people. The royal couple did watch elephants from their tree top lodge, but luckily Prince Philip never had to whip out his icy stare.


In The Crown Sir John Weir, the homeopathic doctor, tells George IV that his illness is serious and that he should have a lung removed.

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother and King George

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother and King George Picture: The National Portrait Gallery

THE TRUTH: This couldn’t be further from the truth! It was actually an unsung local doctor who broke the news to the King. Apparently this was because Weir was having a lovely time on holiday in Scotland for the summer. The King was rushed to hospital in London for major surgery – ouch!