The young family are planning something quite unexpected! After making a lovely family home for themselves and their children at Anmer Hall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now rumoured to be moving back to London.

She named her daughter after Diana

The rumour mill is going into overdrive that the young royal family are headed back to London life after only staying in their Norfolk abode, Anmer Hall for a short time!

Word on the street is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have put Prince George‘s name down to attend Wetherby Pre-Preparatory School for the next academic year. Wetherby is in Notting Hill, London, and is less than a mile from Kate and William’s residence at Kensington Palace.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kensington palace relocation

Wetherby Pre-Preparatory School, Notting Hill, London

The independent school is no stranger to teaching members of the royal family. The It’s the same pre-prep that the late Princess Diana sent both Prince William and Prince Harry to.

And what can the Cambridge’s expect to pay for such an exclusive school? Well currently George’s country based Montessori is around £30 a day but Wetherby will jump up to over £6,000 a term!

Currently Prince George attends Westacre Montessori School Nursery in Norfolk . However, if George does head to Wetherby, it will no doubt mean the whole family would have to move. As a result, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Kensington Palace relocation could be imminent.

Saying goodbye to their beloved country home in Norfolk will be a challenge for the couple. Kate and William have cherished the privacy. Plus, they have been using the secluded residence to bring their children up away from the spotlight. So, how will the parents protect their children from prying eyes in the capital? Only time will tell.

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