As Kate gears up for her eldest’s first term at a new school in September, the young mum must have a lot on her mind.

It’s all change in 2017 for the family, who are swapping a quiet and secluded country life in idyllic Norfolk for the big city, where George will attend the prestigious Thomas’s Battersea School. 

It’s said to be the capital’s best, and has the encouraging motto ‘Be kind’ – a principle that reflects William and Kate’s own values.

But Thomas’s wasn’t always the obvious choice. Many thought that George would attend Wetherby School, which, as well as being situated much closer to Kensington Palace, is also the school Prince William and Harry attended when they were George’s age.

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Wetherby parents, and in particular some ‘mean mums’ viewed Kate and William’s decision as a ‘snub’. And this has been felt across the pond too, with parents of pupils at sister school Wetherby-Pembridge in New York unimpressed with Kate’s choice.

Kate Middleton mean mums

Until this year, Prince George attended the Westacre Montessori School Nursery in Norfolk.

“Some Upper East Side parents are feeling burned” said journalist Richard Johnson“It was widely assumed [when New York parents applied for their toddlers to enter the school] that some royalty would be rubbing off on them from across the pond.”

We sincerely doubt that Kate really cares what a bunch of New York socialites make of her parenting choices. She’s got plenty on her mind as it is!

And the Duchess seems more than ready to mingle with the mums at Thomas Battersea come September. “See you at the school gates”, she reportedly said to the other parents at a high society viewing of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery last week. She also joked: “I’m not sure George has any idea what’s going to hit him!”

We can’t wait to see how he gets on!