Could these be the most romantic celebrity couples ever?!

They’ve appeared in some of our all time favourite films, playing characters who are part of epic and tear-jerking love stories. However, for these stars and celebrity couples, their off-screen romances and love lives have been just as cinematic!

Reading like any good romantic movie film script, these celebrities have love lives that would be silver screen worthy. From chance encounters, to finding their ‘one’ when all hope is nearly lost. Or, having a love that has endured many ups and downs over the years.

Even just the way some of these celebrity couples look at each other on the red carpet. You can tell their love is genuine and not just a ‘show-mance’.

Honouring Hollywood’s ‘golden’ couple

They’ve been together for over 30 years and are by far one of Hollywood’s sweetest couples. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968. However, nothing happened between them because although Goldie was 21, Kurt was just 16 at the time.

Fast forward to 1984, when the two actors were cast alongside each other again, this time in film drama  ‘Swing Shift’. It didn’t take long for their on-screen romance to develop into a real life love-affair, and the pair began dating that year.

Between them, the couple share four children. Their son Wyatt, as well as Kate and Oliver Hudson from Goldie’s first marriage and Kurt’s son Boston.

Despite their strong relationship over three decades, the couple have never married.

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When asked about why she and Kurt haven’t tied the knot, Goldie said, “The question is, ‘Why (get married)?’ It’s not, ‘Why not?’ We love each other…We love our lives together.”

Last week, the gorgeous loved-up couple were honoured with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right next to each other.

“Go have a date and go have a blast and laugh together.”

66-year-old Kurt Russell said there’s no one he’d rather be next to than Hawn. The couple joked that having their names cemented into Hollywood history next to each other is the closest they’ve ever got to marriage or making their relationship official.

When asked what the secret to their long and happy relationship was, 71-year-old Hawn replied, “You gotta nurture it”. The actress also emphasized the importance or continuing to have fun with your partner at any age, “Go have a date and go have a blast and laugh together.”

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Goldie’s daughter, actress Kate Hudson, was on-hand to honour her mum at the Hollywood Star ceremony, with Goldie and Kurt posing for sweet snaps along with their new accolades. They even shared a smooch by Goldie’s star!

Could these two be the ultimate adorable celebrity couple?

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