He is furious!


Read on to find out what he really thinks of Judy’s drinking…

Richard Madeley isn’t holding back when it comes to discussing his drinking habits. In fact, his refreshing honesty is part of his charm!

With his impending 60th birthday weighing heavily on his mind, the TV presenter revealed he recently went for tests to measure how his alcohol intake was affecting his health.

‘It was my liver I was worried about, he revealed. I like my evening glass of wine. Or four. I drink way more than 14 units a week and have done for years. Surely my liver function would reveal something nasty?’

However, the star was pleasantly surprised to be given the all clear.’ I went back for the results,’  he said.’ Normal. Every single one.’

When it comes to his wife Judy, however, Richard strongly denies any problem with drinking.

He said any nasty rumours about alcohol were completely untrue. Judy also responded to the claims herself, saying: ‘People can be so ridiculous and unpleasant and cruel.

‘I don’t want to go into all that crap again, but there was a lot of rivalry and jealousy from people who were trying to launch a show.

‘I’m so out the other side now.’

Their daughter Chloe has also had her say in the past, urging her parents to do more exercise and drink less alcohol.