9 reasons why Julie Walters is one of our favourite celebs ever!

Despite being an award winning actress  – including her Golden Globe win for her acclaimed turn in 1984’s Educating Rita – and a Hollywood legend, Julie Walters is still a down-to-earth girl from Birmingham at heart. Which is why we just love her! Here’s 9 more reasons why Julie Walters is just THE BEST:

1. She was happy to go grey – the natural wayJulie-Walters-pic-for-copy

Who needs hair dye when your tresses look this good? Well, after dying her hair for years, the actress found it liberating to finally wear her hair naturally. The transformation happened when Julie was playing Mo Mowlam in 2010, and the actress shaved her head for the part.  Afterwards, her hair grew back completely white. The change came as a shock to her, but she also loved it! “It really rammed it home: I’m 60. I was absolutely fascinated by it. I thought, I could retire now.” the actress told The Guardian. “There was a relief to it. It was utterly liberating.”

2. She isn’t afraid to say it like it is on, or off screen…go Julie!giphy

She’s played a feisty female character or two in her time, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! The actress also isn’t afraid to speak out about what she believes in:

“Working-class kids aren’t represented [on screen]. Working-class life is not referred to. It’s really sad. I think it means we’re going to get loads more middle-class drama. It will be middle-class people playing working-class people, like it used to be.”


3. When we found out she’s no stranger to an award’s season faux pas


She famously lost a borrowed diamond earring worth ‘probably the same price as my house’ at the 2016 BAFTA’s ceremony, and Julie has also admitted that she was ‘absolutely plastered’ when accepting her accolade at the same ceremony in 1984.

4. When she busted some rhymes on the Graham Norton Show – and didn’t seem to care that rapper Tinie Tempah was watching!

NYC may be rap fodder for the likes of Jay-Z, but for Julie it’s all about the mean streets of Blackpool. B to the L to the A…you get the idea!

5. When we realised she’s just like us…yes, even Julie makes mistakes!

Packing a holiday suitcase is filled with potential hazards, as Julie knows all to well. Her biggest luggage-related mistake? ‘Packing hair conditioner in my bag without making sure the top was secure. It was all over everything. I could never get it out and lots of favourite things were ruined.’

 giphy (1)


6. When she patrolled a nudist beach for a TV comedy-documentary and tried to look cool! Nudist beach

 In 1999 Julie headed stateside to film Julie Walters Is an Alien … In Miami and tried her hand at range of roles from catching alligators to patrolling Miami’s nudist beach as a police officer. Go Julie!

7. She isn’t afraid to show off her dance moves!

giphy (2)

We loved it when she channelled her inner Dancing Queen for this fantastic move! And who can forget her incredible performance in the much-loved film Billy Elliot?

8. Because she hates selfies too! Selfie

Julie cringed at this selfie snap, and allegedly despaired at the size of her ‘on-camera’ nose…we’ve all been there Julie!

9. When she shared this Rocky Road recipe with the world Julie-Walters-Hokey-Pokey-Rocky-Roadand everyone LOVED it!

Biscuits + raisins + honeycomb + chocolate + a whole lot more = a bowl full of happiness. Is there anything this A-lister can’t do? Click here for the recipe.