Uh-oh… Tt seems some people down Holly Willoughby’s street are not very happy with her recently – but why?

The This Morning presenter has recently caused an uproar with her neighbours, on the London street they share. But what could possibly be the reason for the tension? An out of hand party? Late night music blaring out? Well, it’s actually something a lot more tame…

According to sources, Holly has left some neighbours disgruntled, after she put up a Union Jack flag above her six-bedroom London home. Neighbours are apparently less than happy about the new addition to the street, and have accused her of ‘lowering the tone’ of the expensive road.

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Although it’s not clear why Holly was hanging the patriotic flag, one neighbour told The Mirror: “We don’t hang the Union Jack or St George flag outside our properties, so why should she?”

The neighbour continued to assume that the flag-flying was a political statement, saying “It’s in one of the most desirable streets, we’re either Conservatives or Liberal Democrats in this area ­traditionally, not BNP.”

Another neighbour admitted that, “It’s not really becoming of the area. The house is one of the oldest in the neighbourhood, and has a prominent tower. It’s never had a Union Jack on it before.”

Holly shares the home with husband Dan Baldwin and their three children. And reportedly, it’s actually not the first time the TV presenter has been in hot water with her next-door neighbours!

Back in October, the couple submitted a planning application to add a two-storey building to their house, which the couple bought back in 2011. But neighbours were adamant that the build shouldn’t go ahead, given that it would overlook many of their properties, and would ruin the ‘character’ and ‘appearance’ of the period building.

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