While she may have rejected Prince Andrew’s request to house Prince Beatrice and Eugenie in Buckingham Palace… The Queen is now reportedly backing her granddaughters against Prince Charles.

Charles wants to ‘sideline’ the girls, ‘streamlining’ the monarchy by reducing the members who carry out royal duties.

The Mail On Sunday reported: ‘the Princesses have been derided as workshy, scorned for their many lavish holidays, and mocked – perhaps unfairly – for their fashion sense’.

A source in Buckingham Palace has sided with Beatrice and Eugenie and told Prince Charles to back off.

The source added: “Charles’s vision for a streamlined family is all very well, but how can the Royal Family do everything it currently does with just five players?”

This news comes after the Queen refused a petition from Prince Andrew asking whether Princess Beatrice and Eugenie could be housed in Buckingham Palace.

A royal source told The Sun: “Andrew has always wanted his daughters to be full-time royals.

“He sees it as a slight on him and them if they are not.

“But Charles calls the shots and he wants the royal family giving value for money.”

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