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The Queen is very much in the habit of looking impeccable at all times. From matching her hats to her outfits, to always having the perfect handbag or glittering accessory for any occasion. Many members of the royal family have taken a leaf out of Her Majesty’s style book – including the ever-fashionable Duchess of Cambridge!

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However, Her Majesty is about to break a long-standing dress code for a formal state event for the first time in 43 years. But, of course, not without good reason!

On June 19th, the State Opening of Parliament will take place in the Chamber of the House of Lords. Usually, the Queen attends with Prince Philip and wears her Imperial State Crown and robes for the occasion.

However, due to the Snap Election called by Prime Minister Theresa May, the date of the event has had to be suddenly changed, and other events planned for that day cancelled to make room in the Queen’s busy schedule.

As a result, it has been revealed that the Queen will not wear her traditional Robes of State. Instead, Her Majesty will wear “day dress” and a hat for the State Opening of Parliament.

The last time the Queen “dressed down” for the occasion was back in 1974!

Many have also speculated that by abandoning the usual formal dress code, the Queen would avoid, at the age of 91, having to wear a crown that weighs an incredible 2.5lb. The royal family’s crowns are famously heavy and difficult to wear. Princess Diana often complained that the iconic ‘Lovers Knot’ tiara used to give her headaches.

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A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said:

“To allow Her Majesty to attend in support of the parliamentary and constitutional process, The Queen’s programme of engagements has been revised.

“As a result, the annual service for the Order of the Garter, which had been due to take place on 19th June, has been cancelled. Knights of the Garter and others due to attend have been informed.

“Additionally, owing to the revised calendar, the State Opening of Parliament will take place with reduced ceremonial elements.”

Although he announced his retirement this week, Prince Philip will also attend as usual with the Queen. He will be fulfilling all official public duties until the Autumn. Afterwards, he will retire at the age of 96.