More details of Diana's night out dressed as a manTV presenter and comedian Cleo Rocos has revealed more details about the time she dressed Princess Diana as a man so they could party at a London gay bar.

Cleo, Kenny Everett and Freddie Mercury disguised Princess Di in a man’s clothes for a night out at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in 1988.

Cleo, 50, revealed, ‘It all started with a jolly lunch. We went back to Kenny’s apartment and had a champagne cocktails. Diana kicked off her shoes – she always did that when she went somewhere private.’

She also added, ‘We put on the Gipsy Kings and watched The Golden Girls. Freddie came over and it escalated as those things do when people have a couple of drinks. A jolly plan was put in place.’

The group dressed Diana in a camouflage army jacket, black leather cap and aviator sunglasses for the night out which saw her ordering drinks from the bar without being recognised.

Bet that was a lot of fun!