Princess Charlotte’s first birthday was marked by the royal family through a series of adorable new photographs, taken of the little Princess by the Duchess of Cambridge at their home in Norfolk, where the family would have celebrated her birthday in private on May 2nd.


As well as releasing the previously unseen photographs, Kensington Palace also revealed how the rest of the world chose to mark Charlotte’s big day, and it seems the lucky little one isn’t going to be short of toys to play with any time soon!


The palace revealed that the one-year-old has received presents from everyone from the President of the USA to the King and Queen of Bhutan. The generous gifts, sent from all around the world, include blankets, clothes, cards, books, toys and an 8 carat rattle decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires!

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She is also said to have received a copy of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales from David Cameron, a snowsuit from the former prime minister of Canada, baby blankets and booties made from Stansborough wool from the prime minister of New Zealand, a silver rattle from the President of Mexico and a set of silk figurines from the president of China, among other gifts.


Taking after her mum, Kate, who adopted the local style when on a royal tour of Bhutan earlier this year, Princess Charlotte may soon be following suit after being gifted with these coats from designer Chimmi Choden from the King and Queen of Bhutan. (Pictured with Kate and Prince William in Bhutan below, during their royal tour. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS)
Kate-and-William-with-the-king-and-queen-of-bhutanA spokeswoman for Kensington Palace said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were “incredibly grateful” for all the lovely presents that had been given to them for Princess Charlotte. “The couple have taken a number of gifts into their home, some gifts are stored within the Royal Household, and some gifts were donated to organisations which could make good use of them,” the spokeswoman added.