We thought his partying days and wild nights spent drinking were behind him. That was until this latest news about Prince Harry letting loose in South Africa was leaked!

The last Prince Harry party scandal was back in 2012 when naked photos of him were published. The Prince was embroiled in the royal scandal for months after being pictured naked and partying hard in a Las Vegas hotel. Harry ended up making a statement where he admitted he had, “let himself and his family down” through his actions.


The latest scandal follows the news that Prince Harry has been partying wildly in South Africa for his cousin George McCorquodale’s wedding.  Apparently the young royal and his friends ‘downed’ a mixture of drinks including gin & tonics and Jägerbombs. As part of the ‘two-day bender’ Harry was said to have been on, he also reportedly stripped one of the groom’s friends naked.

A guest at the wedding told The Sun, “Harry was on his best behaviour during the wedding, but afterwards at the golf club he went pretty wild.” They added that the Prince was, “smoking a lot of cigarettes” and, “having a great time.”


This behaviour comes as a surprise following Harry’s careful construction of his image following the events in Vegas. Since turning 30, the now 31-year-old has been slowly changing the ‘Prince Harry party image’ that people had of him. In the last four years he’s worked hard for the charities he supports, taking trips to visit his Sentebale project in Africa, as well as speaking out passionately about animal rights and against poaching. He’s also spoken openly about his desire to settle down soon and hopefully one day start a family.


We can’t help but love Prince Harry, and give him the benefit of the doubt! In light of the fact that it was his cousin’s wedding, perhaps we can let him off? Who hasn’t got a bit carried away at a jovial wedding celebration once in a while right!?

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