Prince Harry will need to obtain written permission from the Queen herself before he can get married.

This will mean that if the rumours of another royal wedding are to be believed, the Queen could be one of the only remaining obstacles standing in the way of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.

prince harry marriage - needs Queen's permission

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Now that Prince Harry was received Meghan’s father’s blessing, and introduced her to his extended family, Meghan will need to impress the Queen and convince her that she will be a good partner for the Queen’s beloved grandson.

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It’s all down to the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The law was established by George III, who was furious that two of his brothers had married inappropriately. It stated that the monarch was required to give formal consent to any family marriages in order to guard against those that could “diminish the status of the royal house.”

Revised recently in 2013, the law now states that only the next six people in line to the throne need to gain the Queen’s permission and approval of their partners to get married.  

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, this still includes him. Prince Harry is 5th in line to throne, behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Prince Andrew would also have needed his mother’s permission to marry the Duchess of York. He will also still need the Queen’s written approval should he ever wish to re-marry. However, since the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Andrew’s daughters Princess Beatrice and Eugenie are now exempt from the law.

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Prince William had to seek the Queen’s permission before he was allowed to marry Kate Middleton. Apparently the Queen “readily gave her consent” for her “Most Dearly Beloved Grandson” William to marry the, “Trusty and Well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton”. Perhaps it was the homemade jam that Kate made for the Queen one Christmas that sealed the deal?! (Read more about that here!)

Many speculate that the fact that Meghan is a divorcée may hurt her changes of winning the Queen’s approval. However, this is far from the truth.

Meghan Markle was previously married to film producer Trevor Engelson from 2011-2013. Just over 80 years ago this would have been a problem for Harry and Meghan’s future. When Edward VIII decided to marry twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, he had to abdicate the throne, a move that would go down as one of many royal family scandals in the last century. However, the royal family have moved with the times when it comes to their views on royals marrying divorcées.

Meghan Markle in character for US TV drama ‘Suits’

Three of the Queen’s own children having gone through divorces. Prince Charles, the future Kind of England, is not only a divorcee but was also allowed to re-marry Camilla (herself a divorcee). So, it appears the royal view of divorce has changed for good.

We’d love to see Prince Harry happily settled down soon. Plus, wouldn’t Meghan make the most beautiful bride? Let us know what you think in the comments below!