The discovery of an old magazine in France has revealed an uncanny family resemblance between Prince Harry and one of the senior royal family members.

Prince Harry lookalike photo

Although many people claim that Prince Harry looks nothing like his father, Prince Charles, the similarities between Harry and this royal are undeniable!

From the slightly ginger-tinted beard to the smile, you can see who Prince Harry takes after! Take a look at the picture below. Can you see the similarities?

Just spotted this handsome chap on the front of an ancient copy of @parismatch_magazine in deepest, darkest France – who do you think it is?!

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The Prince Harry lookalike in question is none other than his grandfather, Prince Philip!  Photographed for Parisian ‘Match’ magazine, this cover of a young Prince Philip dates back to February 1957. The Duke would have been 36 at the time, only four years older than Prince Harry is now.

prince harry lookalike prince philip

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