We have no words...


He’s the charismatic royal that rarely puts a foot wrong in the public’s eyes.

So you can imagine our surprise when we heard news from corridors of Europe that Prince Harry had put a frown rather than a smile on the faces of students the length and breadth of Germany.

The pupils from the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia were left inconsolable after hearing a speech given by the fifth-in-line to the throne.

But it was the delivery rather than the content of the message that caused distress among state’s student population. Harry’s poignant words formed part of region’s listening test. So far, so normal.

Unfortunately there was one big stickler that reportedly contributed to entire student cohort being given an ‘inadequate’ grade by the German Educator’s organisation ‘Teachers North Rhine-Westphalia’. Have you guessed it yet? No…well it was Prince Harry’s apparent ‘mumbling’.

Prince Harry news – this is what happened…

Over to disgruntled German student Dario Schramm, 16, to explain the story:

prince harry news

“One of four key aspects of the exam was the listening test. For this, we listened to two podcasts, including a speech by Prince Harry. Both podcasts were very difficult to understand, there were very loud background noises.”

Bernd Hinke, head of the Anne-Frank school in Dusseldorf, saw first hand how devastated pupil’s were over the test.

He said: “The students were beside themselves, there were tears and great disappointment.”

The uproar over the exam board’s verdict is such that a petition calling for a new exam to be taken has clocked up 40,000 supporters.

The only question that remains is will Harry put pen to paper and join the fight for justice? Watch this space!

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