She’s recently appeared back on our TV screens in the smash-hit US drama ‘Suits’, but we could be seeing even more of actress Meghan Markle if the bookies odds are anything to go by!

According to betting business Coral, people are convinced that an engagement announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan is imminent. They’ve slashed the odds on the couple getting engaged this year to 2-1. Whereas the odds for a 2018 engagement announcement are now 1-2.

And, it’s not just wedding bells that we could be hearing for the couple. Royal watchers think that the pitter-patter of tiny feet could also be in the couple’s near future.

Currently, the odds that Prince Harry will announce that Meghan is pregnant by the end of next year are at 3-1.

Coral’s John Hill told OK! Magazine, “Pippa Middleton’s wedding has prompted a flurry of bets on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following suit next year with a Royal wedding in 2018.”

The expert continued: “We are no longer betting on the couple getting engaged this year as we believe it is only a matter of time before the pair make the announcement.”

prince harry engagement announcement

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After Prince Harry received Meghan’s father’s blessing for their relationship, and introduced Meghan to not only his brother, but the Duchess of Cambridge and little Prince George and Princess Charlotte too, there was no doubt that the couple are serious.

Rumour has it that Prince Harry is creating an engagement ring for Meghan out of an old jewelled headpiece belonging to his mother, Princess Diana.

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Although Meghan is yet to accompany Prince Harry to an official royal engagement, the pair have been spotted out in public together at the polo and at Pippa’s wedding earlier this year.