Prince William, Prince Harry and the Queen have always had a special relationship, especially after their mother, Princess Diana, sadly passed away and the Queen kept a watchful and protective eye over the boys.


Prince William admitted that the Queen has, “been a very strong female influence” for him and his brother and commented on how important it was that they had, “somebody like the Queen to look up to” when they were growing up.

However, whereas Prince William’s relationship with the Queen has always been one of a closeness and affection, Prince Harry has revealed that he has rather a more formal relationship with his grandmother!


I always view her as my boss” Prince Harry confessed in an interview for the BBC’s Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute documentary. “I still view her more as the Queen than my grandmother” the 31-year-old admitted, before going on to say that he only, “occasionally” views Queen Elizabeth as his grandmother. 

Unlike Prince William who enjoyed cosy afternoon teas with his Grandmother while he was at school, Prince Harry instead feels the weight of the responsibility of being related to the Queen of England.


‘She’s been everywhere, and sometimes that’s quite hard because you go to a place where she hasn’t visited for 20, maybe 15 years, and you think to yourself, how can I ever fulfill this huge expectation that comes with her and being a member of her family?’ Prince Harry said in an interview for ITV’s Our Queen At Ninety.

Prince Harry does however, just like William and the rest of the royal family, have a deep respect for his grandmother and the fact she has dedicated her life to the service of the country. “It’s just incredible” Harry gushed, “to basically put duty ahead of everything else…It’s quite remarkable.”


Prince Harry and William, along with the extended royal family, will all be present on Thursday 21st April to celebrate the Queen’s birthday with the monarch herself at Buckingham Palace.