There’s sad news for Prince Charles today, whose godmother Countess Mountbatten of Burma has passed away at the age of 93.

The Prince of Wales has released a touching statement sharing his sadness over the loss. He said, “I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of my very special godmother, Lady Mountbatten whom I have known and loved ever since I can first remember.

“She played an extremely important part in my life and I shall miss her presence most dreadfully.”

Lady Mountbatten was the eldest child of Louis Mountbatten, later the 1st Earl of Mountbatten of Burma. He was also uncle to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – who is of course Charles’ father. The loss is sure to be a blow to the future King, as she was Charles’ last living godparent.

Her difficult life…

Charles’ godmother had somewhat of a tragic life. Both her father and son were killed following a bomb explosion planted by the IRA in 1979. The bomb had been hidden under the floorboards of their boat.

Speaking to The Telegraph in 2008 about the horrific event, she said, “My own memory is of a vision of a ball exploding upwards and then of ‘coming to’ in the sea and wondering if I would be able to reach the surface before I passed out.

“I have very vague memories, now and again, of floating among the wood and debris, being pulled into a small rubber dinghy before totally losing consciousness for days.”

Discussing the loss of her son, she said, “As anyone whose child dies will know only too well, this news utterly devastated me.

“In fact, I was so overwhelmed by grief for Nicky, who was just on the threshold of his life, that I began to feel guilty that I was not able to grieve for my father, whom I really adored, in the same way. But the world was mourning him, and there was a comfort in knowing that.”

Countess Mountbatten survived with her other son Timothy, and succeeded her father following his death.

Of her death, the family’s spokeswoman said, “The arrangements for a funeral in London followed by the burial service in Mersham will be announced in due course.”

The Royal Family are expected to attend the funeral.