Thanks to Princess Diana’s hairdresser and dress designer, the mood and atmosphere surrounding the late Princess on her wedding day is well known. Although she was nervous, and overwhelmed – she was only 20-years-old after all – Diana was reportedly composed.

prince charles and princess diana wedding

However, if claims by a new book are to be believed, Prince Charles was far from as composed as his young bride-to-be.

A new book depicts a desperate Charles breaking down into tears on the eve of his wedding.

Written by Sally Bedell Smith, the book is titled Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life. The book exposes the ‘pressure’ Charles was under to marry Diana.

The book claims that Prince Charles wasn’t emotionally ready for marriage while he was dating a young Diana. He also still had his former flame, Camilla, on his mind – despite the fact she married Andrew Parker-Bowles.

prince charles and camilla young

Prince Charles Talking to Camilla Parker Bowles at a Polo Match, Britain – July 1975

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However, Charles supposedly received pressure from his father Prince Philip over his relationship with Diana. Philip urged his son to either, “propose to her or release her.”

The Duke of Edinburgh was reportedly concerned that his son was putting Diana’s reputation in jeopardy by leading her along without a commitment to marriage.

His father’s insistence that, “he should make a decision shortly” led to Prince Charles eventually hastily committing. However, this led to the Prince’s cold feet and panic as the big day approached.

Such claims are also backed up by author Catherine Mayer in her book Charles: Heart of a King. She states that Prince Charles contemplated calling off the wedding the night before. She writes that he told an aide on the eve of his wedding, “I can’t go through with it”.

June 1981 – Prince Charles And Lady Diana Spencer leave St Pauls Cathedral after previewing their wedding music.

In the unauthorised biography about Prince Charles, Mayer depicts the future king as a man who had to be coaxed to the alter.

As a result, despite their sometimes happy union and the birth of their two wonderful sons William and Harry, Princess Diana and Prince Charles eventually split in 1996. Just a year before Diana’s tragic and untimely death.