Happy smiles, holding hands, knowing, loving looks. Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s honeymoon looked like everything you would expect from a pair of young newlyweds.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana honeymoon cruise

They married on 29th July 1981 and spent their first part of their honeymoon at the royal estate in Balmoral. They then boarded the Royal Yacht Britannia and embarked on a two week honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean.

However, as Prince Charles, then 33, and Princess Diana happily posed for photographers or waved to well wishing crowds, you would never have known that behind the smiles, sadness and anxiety was hidden. Especially for a 20-year-old Princess Diana.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana honeymoon Balmoral

Author Sally Bedell Smith has already claimed that Prince Charles ‘wept’ the night before marrying Princess Diana. So, it’s no surprise that new shocking claims assert that the honeymoon was fraught with problems between the couple too.

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The truth behind the Prince Charles and Princess Diana honeymoon pictures revealed?

Bedell Smith claims in her new book Prince Charles: The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life that while Princess Diana was all smiles for the cameras and with Charles by her side, it was a different story behind closed doors.

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She writes that the Princess suffered from insomnia and grew increasingly thinner, probably as a result of stress and anxiety. As Prince Charles became, “faced with what he called the ‘other side’ of her previously jolly behaviour”, he desperately searched for a solution to Princess Diana’s moods.

“Unsurprisingly, Diana was prescribed Valium” Bedell Smith writes for the Daily Mail. “She refused to take it, however, convinced in her growing paranoia that the Royal Family was trying to sedate her.”

Their problematic honeymoon was just the start of a very troubled marriage for Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It is said that some of Diana’s only happy times were the arrival of her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles eventually split in 1996. Their divorce came just a year before Diana’s tragic and untimely death.

This year marks 20 years since the horrific car accident that claimed Princess Diana’s life.