This Morning’s head chef Phil Vickery (and Fern Britton’s hubby) tells Woman’s Own how parents can get their children to eat right.

How do you get your kids to eat their greens?

I take my kids swimming. We come home and they’re starving. So I’ll cook some squid rings, which smell great. But I’ll also do some broccoli. They’re far more likely to try the broccoli if the squid is there too.


Plate trick:

I line up the dishes in front of them in a column. I put the main course in front of them, then a plate of fruit, then their pudding, so they have to eat their way through each plate and move on to the next one. It works.


Advice for parents?

I tell parents, if your kid only like peas and potatoes, then great, give them peas and potatoes. Don’t force them to eat spinach. But if you put a bit of onion or cheese with that potato they’re far more likely to try it.


If you offer a kid spinach or Coca-Cola, which one are they going to choose? You can’t offer too much choice. I make sure the main ingredient is something they like, like a fish finger for example, and then put something else on the plate like spinach. They’re far more likely to try it if they like the main ingredient.



Phil, 51. Wife of 12 years, Fern Britton. They have a 10-year-old daughter Winnie. Fern has three children from her first marriage – twins Harry and Jack, 18, and Gracie, 15.