Pete was in hot water with Emily recently!

Despite their divorce over eight years ago, the Peter Andre Katie Price war rages on. Although both sides have attempted to make peace over the years, their strong wills, different personalities, and differing opinions on how best to raise their children continue to create tension between them.

Recently, the couple had to come to a compromise over their two children, Junior and Princess, being in the limelight. Whilst Katie Price was keen for the children to build a ‘brand’ for themselves and start saving money towards their futures, Peter felt differently.

Peter Andre Katie Price children

The singer, 43, said he didn’t approve of Junior, 11, and Princess, 9, having a social media presence. However, due to pressure from Katie insisting it was what the kids wanted, Peter eventually agreed to a compromise so that he could ‘advise’ his children.

“I don’t like kids having them because I think it opens them up to all sorts of issues,” the protective father revealed to New! Magazine. “But as a parent you have to compromise with the other parent and try to work together.”

Now, Peter has revealed that he intends to be more careful with his two children that he has with wife Emily. Whilst Junior and Princess were ‘born into the limelight’, he will be careful not to make the same mistakes with Amelia, 4 and Theo, three months.

Doing things differently

It seems the father of four is keen to respect his wife’s wishes and work towards protecting his youngest two children from the public eye.

“Obviously, some of my children are in the public eye and it’s generally been reality TV-based” Peter wrote in new! Magazine.

“And any money they earn goes directly into a trust fund so they can use it to go to university, buy their first car, put a deposit down on a house etc.”

“It’s well known Emily’s not keen on Amelia and Theo being in the public eye, which I totally respect. With J and P, I realise they were born into it.”

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“The way I look at it is, if I can help provide for their futures, I will. But, like I always say, there’s no right or wrong way. If you’re thinking of your kid’s future, you’re doing well.”

Pete’s Insta error 

However, Pete was in hot water with Emily recently after sharing a video of the couple’s two young children with the public. Despite knowing Emily’s reservations about featuring their children online, Pete got carried away and shared this to his Instagram…

Bliss…..for now

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Afterwards, Peter revealed that Emily was less than impressed when she found out. “I got in trouble with the missus for posting a video of Mills and Theo and I chilling out on the sofa on social media last week,” revealed Pete, 44.

“Even though it was a quick vid, I was in the doghouse for a bit because Ems isn’t so keen on him and Amelia being on social media.”

Despite knowing that Emily wants to keep her kids out of the limelight, Peter couldn’t resist sharing the pics of his “super cute” kids. “I get excited, what can I do? Give a man a break!”

Bist doing mills hair Big sis little sis

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