Peter Andre and Emily latest: What’s new for our favourite couple?

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh look like a picture of perfect family happiness. Pete regularly takes to Instagram to share beautiful pictures of him and Emily navigating parenthood with smiles and laughter. Although Pete revealed recently that, ““there are times when the lack of sleep gets to you”, Emily and Pete continue to raise their kids, “with love” and patience.

Emily and Amelia planting sunflower seeds. A beautiful moment

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Pete already had two children when he met Emily, from his marriage to Katie Price. Junior is now 11 and Princess is nine. The couple welcome their daughter Amelia in 2014. The little one is now three, and is growingly increasingly close to her older siblings.

Bist doing mills hair Big sis little sis

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“Princess and Junior have bonded so well with Amelia” Peter revealed. “It’s created this incredible family unit for Emily and I.”

With the arrival of their son Theo in November last year, expanding Pete’s brood to four children, the latest addition to the family seems to have completed the picture.

T catching a kiss from J 😀

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So, are Pete and Emily planning on having any more babies?

Pete told OK! Magazine in the past that they might – it all depended on how easy Theo was!

“Emily and I have been wondering if our next child will be a bit of a terror because Mills is so good” Peter told the magazine. “If we get unlucky and the new baby is a nightmare then we won’t have any more!”

Tired are ya?…….We must be related…wait..we are. Awesome🍼

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However, Pete seems to have changed his tune now the new arrival is here! Talking to Lorraine Kelly, Peter revealed that he definitely doesn’t want to have any more children.

“Absolutely not” Pete responded when Lorraine asked him if he wants any more children.

This change of heart may be down to the lack of sleep Pete is getting at the moment helping to raise baby Theo! Despite gushing that he’s, “a lucky man” to have such a beautiful family, the star also admitted, “I’m surviving on very little sleep at the moment”.

It appears this isn’t a plan Pete has discussed with Emily though!

peter andre and emily latest

“I shouldn’t say, I haven’t asked my wife” Pete quickly added after insisting he doesn’t want any more children. “Happy wife, happy life”.

In the past, when asked if she would like any more children, Emily said “I would like to see how it goes, especially with work and things like that.”

So, watch this space! There might be another new baby on the way yet…