Peaches Geldof talks about her son being born on Paula's birthdayPeaches Geldof has revealed that she believes her late mother played a part in the birth date of her son Phaedra.

Speaking during an interview Peaches admits that she thinks divine intervention played a part in Phaedra being born on what would of been her mother Paula Yate’s birthday.

Three week old Phedra was born on 24th April, the date Peaches and husband Tom were also told their first son Astala would be born on.

Peaches said: “It’s like Mum was very determined that one of her grandsons would be born on her birthday. There’s this kind of crazy synchonicity to it.”

The daughter of Bob Geldof also defended criticism that she’d chosen the day she would give birth. She added: ‘It was reported that I’d deliberately planned it this way – that I’d elected to have my Caesarean on that date this time, but I didn’t at all…

‘I was pretty amazed when I read it though, and had to smile. I couldn’t help feeling Mum must have had a hand in it.’