“I didn’t mean it that way. What I meant was, she is a safe pair of hands.”

Paul Burrell probably should have known better than to take a dig at the Duchess of Cambridge in the press. As Diana’s former butler, the royal insider knows what it’s like when a wife of a future king receives unwanted criticism from an outside perspective. However, the extreme backlash he faced following his negative sounding comments about Kate clearly shocked the former royal right-hand man.

paul burrell apology

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After Burrell described Kate as having “no charisma” and lacking the “magic quality” that Diana had, he was lambasted by royalists and fans of the Duchess, as people branded the former butler “cruel” and “pathetic.”

“This man wants to learn to keep his mouth shut. No body wants to know him or give a toss about what he thinks” wrote one angry Facebook user. “Paul Burrell is entitled to his opinion, but seeing as he’s probably never met the Duchess of Cambridge, or if he has, probably only briefly,because he has not been in the employ of the Royal Family since before Princess Diana’s death, I’m not sure how he can be so certain of Kate’s lack of charm and charisma. He’s probably just trying to make the headlines once again” wrote another.

Following the public reaction to his comments, Burrell has now apologised to the Duchess of Cambridge and her loyal followers.

“I apologise if that’s been taken out of context but what I was trying to say was Diana was unique and irreplaceable and she had that something, which is charisma, or magic. I’m not quite sure what it is.”

“Kate is a beautiful young lady. She’s gorgeous. She’s never put a foot wrong.”

“She has the love and support of her husband, and they are the future of the Royal Family.”

“I think we should support them, and maybe my comment was out of kilter.”

He added: “I didn’t mean it that way. What I meant was, she is a safe pair of hands.”

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Many people were outraged that Burrell would try to compare Diana and Kate in the first place, as they are two very different women, who have different wonderful qualities and attributes that they bring to the royal family.

Referencing his comments about comparing the two women, Burrell later explained, “Kate wouldn’t want to be Diana, she wouldn’t want to try and fill her shoes.”

However, still standing by his beloved Diana, Burrell couldn’t help adding, “That’s an impossible ask.”

“Standing beside someone like Diana, I saw something so special and so magical that I’ve never seen that again in another human being.”

Paul Burrell with Princess Diana in Bosnia in August 1997, shortly before her tragic and untimely death

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Burrell offered the apology for his previous comments whilst being interviewed for the Nine Network’s Today show in Australia.

At the end of the show, one of the presenters jokingly told Burrell, “If I was William, and became King one day and I found out you had said that about Kate I wouldn’t be letting you back into the country.” Would you agree?