Patsy Palmer leaving Eastenders

Patsy Palmer has announced that she’s leaving Eastenders to pursue a career in Hollywood. 

Patsy, who has appeared as Bianca on the soap for 21 years, is set to hang up her trade mark silver puffer jacket after being offered a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity in LA.

‘Patsy is really sad to be leaving the show as she loves playing Bianca and working with (EastEnders) executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins but she knows it’s the right decision at this time in her life,’ a spokesperson for the show said.

‘She has lots of exciting offers lined up and feels the time is right to say goodbye. Her children are at the age where they can be moved across to the States relatively easily. And it has always been her big ambition to crack Hollywood,’ a friend close to the actress added.

All together now… RICKAAYYYYYY!!