When most people think of the late Patrick Swayze, they might imagine him dancing across a stage performing, or acting in one of his most memorable films such as Dirty Dancing.

However, Patrick Swayze didn’t just wanted to be remembered for his iconic acting roles. But, for something he saw as far more important.

The late star wanted to be remembered as much for his acting success as for his environmental work.

patrick swayze death legacy lives on

Patrick and his wife Lisa owned two sprawling ranches in New Mexico and California. Here they reared horses and used the land as a wildlife sanctuary. It was over these beloved acres of land that Patrick’s ashes were scattered after his untimely death in 2009.


As well as work on their own land, Patrick Swayze also put his time and effort into other environmental projects too. Such as the Galinas River Restoration Action Plan.

In 2005, Swayze made considerable financial donations that helped to successfully relocate the Galinas River, which had veered from its original course, and, according to the river Restoration Action Plan, vastly improved the habitat for fish and wildlife.


In one of his final interviews with American presenter Barbara Walters, Patrick laid out his plans to try and finish his projects whilst battling his pancreatic cancer. “I want to finish accomplishing the things I wanted to do in this lifetime” Patrick said.

“We spend a lot of money on the best foresters in the country to help design a 200 year forest stewardship plan that we have almost pulled off for 15 years”

“If I can leave those kind of legacies by way of example, of how we could do it right, I’m a happy man.”

Sadly, some of Patrick’s projects were left unfinished. Such as an eco-documentary “based on (his) work with wild animals in the African bush and on a major safari into the Okavango Delta in Botswana”. However, the legacy he has left behind is undeniable. The world is a better place because he lived in it.

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