Fame may be the ultimate gift, but it can also be the ultimate curse.

Growing up in the spotlight means you have to grow up fast, with many child stars getting lost in the soul draining entertainment industry, developing dependencies on drugs and alcohol, and turning to crime.

Stripped of a childhood, they are often introduced to these vices from an early age, with dangerous consequences. Few child stars seem to have escaped this fate, with many suffering public breakdowns and battles with addiction.

And, thanks to the rise of social media, their struggles and outbursts are played out publicly for all the world to see.

Fortunately, many of these stars have now overcome their demons and gone on to be strong and successful adults, with families of their own. Others haven’t been so lucky.

From Drew Barrymore trying drugs at just 10 years old, to Britney Spears and that infamous head shaving incident, for these celeb kids, fame came at a price.

And what about the celebrity kids of today? With designer gear coming out of their ears and a team of minders watching their every move, are they able to have any kind of normal childhood?

We take a look at the celebrity kids, past and present, who are out of control…