Sophie Anderton

Someone’s not happy with Carol..

Sophie Anderton and Carol McGiffin never saw eye to eye in the Big Brother house, but since Sophie was evicted last week, it’s clear that absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. 

Still reeling from having spent two weeks locked up with Carol, 53, Soph has branded her ‘an old hag’. Ouch.

‘Carol’s unbearable as a person,’ she said. ‘I never want to see her again. I’ll have to avoid her at the final party. She is pure evil.’

And the model didn’t stop there. ‘Carol doesn’t like anyone pretty or who’s got a pair of t*ts that don’t sag down to your knees. She should get a f**king life. I’ve had enough of that old hag. Get a facelift, it won’t change your personality, love.’

We can’t wait to see what Carol has to say to this when she gets out!