As far as Awards ceremonies go, The Oscars 2017 was pretty drama-free this year. Apart from one majorly awkward Oscars mix-up!

Likely to go down as the biggest announcement fail in history, presenters Warren Betty and Faye Dunaway wrongly named La La Land as the winners of the most coveted award of the night – Best Motion Picture.

The accolade was actually supposed to go to Moonlight, but the mistake wasn’t put right until the entire cast of La La Land were up on stage, mid-way through their acceptance speech. We can’t even deal.

It was actually the film’s producer, Jordan Horowitz, that spotted the mistake and graciously set things right.

“There’s a mistake, Moonlight you guys won best picture,” he said on stage. “This is not a joke, come up here.” Cue the cast of Moonlight, ecstatically claiming the award they thought had gone a rival… What a rollercoaster!

So how on earth this a mix up of this catastrophic scale happen?

According to reporting from the BBC:

Two people count the votes and know the winners in advance. Each has a full set of envelopes containing cards with the winners’ names – just in case something happens to the other set.

Those people – from accountancy firm PwC – stand on either side of the Oscars stage and hand the envelopes to the award presenters just before they step on stage.

So after Emma Stone won best actress, the other best actress envelope was handed to Warren Beatty – who was presenting the best picture prize – by mistake.

Emma has since spoken out about the announcement fail. She said it was especially confusing because, “I was holding my best actress in a leading role card that entire time”.

Watch the whole thing here….

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