We’re all used to having a good old natter in the hairdressers.

In fact, there have even been special ‘quiet chairs’ introduced in some UK salons, so that customers can read their magazines without the small talk!

However, in Audrey Robert’s Coronation Street salon, things are very different.

While Audrey herself is often seen chatting away, her customers ALWAYS seem to keep shtum. There’s no gossiping, holiday chit chat or even actual styling convos. In fact, the most you will get out of them is a nod or shake of the head.

Is there something sinister going on here? Why exactly have Audrey’s customers all gone mute?

Well, it turns out that it’s not because Audrey’s a secret member of the Mafia and they’re all terrified to speak. It’s actually because of the show’s budget.

When a non regular customer speaks, it costs producers around an extra £50.50.

The basic daily rate for a “background artist” is £84 but if dialogue is required that shoots up.

It’s not just speaking that earns background artists extra cash. Firing a gun bumps the fee up £19, while riding a horse makes £25.

Not that there are many opportunities for either of these on the cobbles….