Olly Murs Xtra Factor

Olly Murs has admitted that he wont watch X Factor spin off show, Xtra Factor because he gets too jealous.

The singer, who used to present the ITV2 show alongside Caroline Flack, was replaced by comedian Matt Richardson after touring commitments meant he had to leave the show.

But it seems that Olly can’t stand to see his former co-presenter with another man. He confessed: ‘I told Caroline I’m refusing to watch the show, I’m going to be too jealous to see a new guy stood next to her.’

And in other X Factor news, one of the shows producers has confessed that they will be doing their best not to go head-to-head with Strictly Come Dancing this year in a bid to boost ratings.

Executive Richard Holloway revealed: ‘If you’re going to be analytical about it in terms of the ratings – why some of the numbers went down – you’ve got to look at the whole history between the X Factor and Strictly. When we’re head to head at any time, we’ve always had an issue with them. But in the years when we’ve avoided each other completely, with no crossover at all, we always beat them.’

He went on to admit that in an ideal world Strictly would run from 6-7:30pm with X Factor starting from 7:30-9pm.

Watch this space!

X Factor is back tomorrow, ITV, 8pm.