Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton to get back together

They may have only called time on their five year relationship a few weeks ago but Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton could already be back on.

The pair are apparently meeting for talks to decide how they can get their relationship back on track despite both of them leading hectic schedules – Nicole, 35, with X Factor and Lewis with his Formula 1 commitment – and having broken up several times in the past.

A source said: ‘They are planning to meet and work out how on earth they can maintain a relationship with their lifestyles. They both know this is the final chance to make it work.’

Nicole Scherzinger has made no secret of the fact she’s struggling to cope since her split from Lewis admitting that she’s been lonely since they parted ways. Meanwhile Lewis dedicated a recent race win to his ex showing that he’s still thinking of her too.

The source added: ‘Some days she was so upset it was a real battle for her to even get out of bed and go to work at the X Factor auditions. She’s been distraught but is very good at hiding her real feelings in public. After all, this is the man she still hopes to marry one day.’

On, off, on, off, on? We can barely keep up!