If it’s a good romcom you’re after, look no further than the heartwarming Thanks For Sharing.

When we first found out we’d be reviewing a film that delves into the effects of sex addition, we were a little apprehensive. In fact, the last thing we expected was to be sat in the front row laughing along with the characters.

Set in New York, the film follows three sex addicts on the rocky road to recovery with plenty of laughs along the way. Leading man Mark Ruffalo has been ‘sober’ for five years, with the help of his sponsor (Tim Robbins).

The two discuss their progress at a local support group for sex addicts, along with the subway sex pest Neil (Josh Grad) and the only female in the group Dede (played surprisingly well by pop star Pink).

Gwyneth Paltrow also makes an appearance as Adam’s highly-strung, yoga-obsessed love interest, but it’s the relationships between the addicts themselves that make for more interesting viewing.

As the film began to draw its conclusions, the seriousness of what the characters are actually dealing with became much more apparent. But, while Thanks For Sharing may explore darker issues, it does so with a great amount of warmth and humour.

Warning: Don’t rent this one with your mum or daughter – there were a few moments we had to hide under our popcorn with a very red face!


Thanks For Sharing is out on DVD today. 

By Lauren Hughes

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