He’s had us on the edge of our seats as troubled war veteran Nicholas Brody in hit TV series Homeland, and played one of the most infamous kings in history, wooing maidens in the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall. Now, this handsome redheaded Hollywood hottie is rumored to be in line to play the next James Bond.


Stepping into 007’s shoes (and immaculately dry cleaned tux) could be the dashing Damian Lewis, who according to Betfair has a 4/1 chance of taking the role. A spokesperson is quoted saying “Damian Lewis hadn’t seen any interest in the betting until this weekend, but an absolute landslide in bets has forced us to cut the odds”


If the rumours are true, then Damian Lewis has thrown a real spanner in the works for Idris Elba, who until now has been the favourite to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.
What do you think? Would Damian Lewis make a good 007? Or perhaps they should just bring back Pierce Brosnan… * sighs *




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By Rachael Martin