Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot this Emmerdale spelling blunder - did you catch it?


Last night there was an extremely obvious Emmerdale spelling blunder but did you catch it? Viewers were quick off the mark and took to Twitter to share the funny gaffe with fellow fans of the show.

Bernice White was excited to receive her official certificate as a trained couples counsellor as she unveiled her shock new career change.

However, viewers at home couldn’t help but mock the news as the word counselling was spelt incorrectly! Bernice’s certificate read “Diploma in couples counsolling”. Did no one run the sign through a spell check? As she smiled excitedly about her future prospects, Emmerdale fans took to Twitter to express their dismay over such sloppy spelling…

One user said: “@ITV did you give your proof reader the day off when this was produced #itv #emmerdale”.

While another added: “@emmerdale who spelt the world ‘counsolling’ on Bernice’s certificate?”

Fans were very amused by the situation, but as Bernice showed off her certificate to characters Kerry Wyatt and Dan Spencer, they appeared far from impressed.

Kerry commented: “Who does that belong to?” To which Bernice replied: “Me, I’m now Bernice White DIP-C-C!”

Kerry jibed: “Well I guess you know how not to do it husband-wise, you’ve had old ones, gay ones…”

But while Bernice hasn’t had much luck when it comes to her own love life, she pointed out that being a counsellor is not about her personal life. She said: “It’s about being able to assess each client’s individual needs.”

There is the theory that the spelling error was intentional and a hint at perhaps where the storyline could be heading. It’s already been revealed that Bernice completed the course through a random online website. And this could get her into trouble later on if she is found to not be fully qualified…

Several twitter users seem to buy into this theory… One said: “Bernice been on internet on 1 of those dodgy certs sites… #emmerdale”.

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